Autumn Maintenance Projects for New Homeowners in El Paso

New Homeowners - MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

How exciting--you are a new homeowner!

Now that the movers have left, and you are officially a homeowner, instead of getting in touch with your landlord in the event the furnace goes on the blink, or perhaps the roof drips, guess who has to make it better? That is correct--you do. Chances are pretty good that little detail got pushed aside in all your excitement over moving to El Paso and also new things (that with any luck included a leaf blower), but now that fall is really around the corner, it's time to ready your new house prepared for cooler temperatures. There is no need to stress, just follow these handy hacks and you'll be ready for chestnuts roasting on an open fire straight away.


As much as you enjoy having A/C during summer, no matter if it breaks down for a couple of days you are able to survive. If your furnace has a winter break, specifically if it's in the midst of a "weather event", your actual survival may be at risk.

Checking your furnace is a priority on the to-do list. If you're a intelligent home buyer, and you are, then you had the HVAC examined before you closed on the house. You ought to have confidence that the insides are in decent working order, but you should do these basic chores no less than annually. 

  • Replace filters--you should swap your filters every three months, except if you have a permanent one. If so, remove it and clean it on the same timetable.
  • Check that the vents are open and remove any debris from the unit--a leaf blower does a great job.
  • Switch to smart thermostat--they preserve lots of energy since they're programmed to automatically reset each day. 


Safety first--before you get on the roof in El Paso, ensure you possess the appropriate step ladder and a assistant to steady the ladder and also catch you if you stumble--or at a minimum phone Emergency services. Otherwise, hire a roofing company to come remove the crud and clean the gutters.

If you are positive you can get up there and back safe and sound, here is what you should do. 

  • Remove any tree limbs or other build up that is up there.
  • Clean up the rain gutters. Plugged rain gutters lead to more roof damage compared to snow, wind, and rain--if the water is unable to circulate safely through, pooling water results in leaks. Pooling water that freezes penetrates into roofing shingles and may allow your roof to leak faster. The leaf blower is quite good for gutter maintenance, also. Investing in a clog-free rain gutter system is a good idea if you've got a wooded yard. 

Windows and Doors

In the event your home has current, energy-efficient windows and doors, clear the debris from the frames and look that the weather-stripping is clean in addition to maintained. This is a good task for a windy day--you'll find it easier to determine if there are holes when you can actually feel the air flow. In the event the weather-stripping is degrading, replace it--it really is reasonably priced and offered in a variety of colors at home improvement retailers.

Should you have older windows with screens, take away the screens and change them with storm windows. The storms are thicker glass that can help keep warmth.


Once again, considering the fact that you have only a short while ago purchased the house, the chimney for a wood burning fireplace should be in suitable condition. It is still wise to pay attention to any clutter that's dropped in, along with little creatures that have thought they would nest there. You wouldn't want your very first roaring fire to become enhanced with eau de chipmunk.

Outdoor Furniture

The way in which you treat your exterior living areas will depend significantly on where you reside. In a number of regions, you can use your patio year 'round; in others you need to begin buttoning up by early Fall. If nasty weather conditions are standard, cover up your outdoor furniture or bring it inside to the car port or basement, and protect barbecue grills, also. Plastic toys (playhouses, sandboxes) will need shelter, so protect those as well--it's nice to have those outdoors for sunny times in the event the kids really need to get outdoors.

Great job on being a home owner in El Paso, and in case you don't currently have a leaf blower, go get one. It's the handiest tool conceivable for home upkeep.

And, if you wish to become a new homeowner and need help moving in El Paso, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group a call!!


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