Moving a Flat Screen Television to El Paso

moving a flat screen TVBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Let's be honest. Quite a few items are easier to move as opposed to others. If you consider items which are really a pain to move, usually big, bulky items like that reclining chair or the fridge spring to mind. Flat screen TVs may not be necessarily heavy, however they do take some special attention to remain secure and unharmed whilst moving. No matter if you're moving yourself or working with a professional moving company in El Paso to help, there are still items that you want to be aware of if moving your flat screen TV. 

Prep Work

Before you make any moves on the way to packing up the television, snap a couple of quick photos of the numerous cords and cables to ensure you have a visible blueprint when you are connecting everything back up when you arrive at your new house. Next, carefully remove all wires and cables. Coil them up and secure them with a twist tie or rubber band and pack them in a carton. As well, make sure you label the carton. If the television has a base or wall bracket, remove that too. These particular pieces may be loaded inside the same TV equipment carton as the cabling. Make sure and put all screws in baggies and again, label them. There's no reason to have to assume which fasteners go to which objects once you are reassembling everything at the destination, and with the mayhem which typically arises around moving day, don't count entirely on your recollection when it comes to making sure every little thing gets put together as it had been before. Additionally, while you are at it, set any remotes in your TV accessory carton, as well. 


With a little luck, you had moving day in your thoughts when you bought your flat panel Television, and for that reason, you preserved the original TV carton and inserts. Nevertheless, if you are like most individuals, you did not want a substantial empty package cluttering up your garage area or basement, so you discarded it (preferably by way of recycling). In the event the later is the case, you can buy a container and corner protectors from your moving supply shop or from the local moving company. Make certain to get a container which is big enough to fit around the Television with a bit of excess space for cushioning. Cover the television carefully in a number of moving pads, put the corner guards on and put it inside the carton. 


The best technique to haul your flat panel Television will be to ensure that it stays vertical. To be sure that it remains to be in the correct placement within the moving truck, secure it alongside a mattress or something that is solid, for instance a bureau or bookcase. Make sure and keep the box of cords and components within reach for quicker unpacking.

After you arrive to your new residence, invert the procedure and in no time, your flat panel TV can be available to broadcast the newest cartoon movie or big game.

And, if perhaps all of this appears excessively mind boggling to handle by yourself, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group or perhaps your neighborhood moving company in El Paso a call. They are happy to help ensure that your flat screen Television comes to your destination unscathed.


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