Sidestep These Moving Disasters in 2020: Part 1

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

For most people, moving is simply not a good time. In fact, even the simplest of relocations may come with some anxiety.

Though, whenever something goes horribly wrong on moving day, it is easy to feel as if your world is reaching an end. As opposed to battling with such a calamity, it's so more desirable to plan for those contingencies.

Below are some common moving day disasters, and how it is possible to prevent them:

Your Home Furniture Doesn't Fit

After traveling for hours and hours to El Paso, you finally get to your new residence... only to discover that you are unable to push the sofa through the doorway. That is a significant letdown, plus a huge source of tension.

Solution: Check your big furnishings for all their specifications. Be sure to review whatever you write down with the proportions of your new home, along with your new residence's entryways.

Your Travel Plans Fall Through

In case you wait until the last instant to make travel arrangements (like hotel reservations for long distance moves, or plans for a friend or two that will help you transport your things) then it's very possible that they will fall through, and you'll be left rushing.

Solution: Try to organize your travel plans no less than four weeks in advance. Arrange reminders for yourself if you have to.

Things are Ruined while in transit

It could be one of life's most disheartening experiences to at long last reach your new residence, open the moving truck's gate... and find that many of your loved possessions have been lessened to destroyed parts spread throughout the boxes.

Solution: Quite often, inappropriate packing methods are the source of problems received while in transit. Utilize appropriate storage containers and boxes for each and every fragile item that you are bringing. You'll want to employ a good amount of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or whatever else is necessary to protect and cushion your valuables throughout the move. Or, you could ask your professional mover in El Paso for help packing items. Many moving companies can pack as much or as little as you'll need.

You End Up Shelling out Much More than You Anticipated

A few days ahead of the move, you find out that your bank account is likely to take a larger hit than you initially assumed. The moving company in El Paso is billing you a higher rate for their assistance.

Solution: Various moving companies do request higher charges for "last minute service." To help get the preferred rates, never delay doing things: book your move as far in advance as you possibly can and always obtain a written quotation from the moving company in El Paso you choose.

In Part 2 of the Moving Disasters posts, we will go over more concerns that could throw a wrench into the moving plans and approaches to prevent such complications. Stay tuned for more!


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