Tips for Securing Your New Home

Moving into a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Transforming into a homeowner is a considerable milestone and is deserving of celebrating. Yet ahead of when you get lost within the occasion, there are a few details to handle. Once the professional movers in El Paso have left and you are settling into your new residence, you should consider securing your loved ones, belongings, as well as the entire property.

Having a home requires you to make monetary sacrifices, and that is the reason why you cannot afford to overlook the significance of shielding your home. Here are a few suggestions for securing your new home.

1. Ensure All Windows and Doors Lock Solidly

You need to understand that criminals will always be looking for easy accessibility spots to your home. In the event that criminals learn that you happen to be hardly at your home on weekdays or you are usually away more often than not, they could get sufficient time to scrutinize your new home. A good number of intruders, in this case, concentrate on determining whether your residence has doors and windows that may give them quick access.

Consequently, you must make sure that all windows and doors to your new home lock properly. Any doors and windows which do not lock properly could possibly be the target for a break-in to your new home and should be repaired or exchanged at the earliest opportunity. It is also wise to have all your entry doors re-keyed by a locksmith professional shortly after moving into your new home. You will never know the quantity of “extra” keys the previous property owners handed out to neighbors, relatives or even to the maid service.

2. Choose a Monitored Home Security System

Securing your property from theft without an alarm system can be challenging. Purchasing a monitored security alarm and home automation may be worth looking at if you want to secure your house.

You will find a number of home security possibilities available to choose from, dependent upon the degree of protection you need as well as your budget. A few of the things you need to concentrate on when deciding on a monitored alarm system for your residence incorporate:

· The needs of your new residence plus your community also.

· Advance in addition to monthly charges regarding acquiring and maintaining the monitored security alarm.

· Customer service along with the brand reputation of the service provider you decide on.

· Such add-ons like smoke and carbon monoxide monitoring.

· Smart home capabilities.

Installing a monitored alarm system gives you and your loved ones reassurance above securing your new residence.

3. Trim Foliage Close to Your Residence

The presence of overgrown foliage and shrubs around your new residence adds to the possibility of break-ins and also theft. Failing to trim the shrubs and trees in your yard may shroud your new residence in darkness, which suggests that criminals may get in and away from your property unseen. Therefore, pruning the overgrown bushes close to your new home may act as a safety precaution against burglars.

4. Always Ensure Your Exterior Lighting Is Operating

Because intruders work under cover of darkness, putting in exterior lights as a new homeowner is usually a good idea. You may also think about motion-sensing lights for your outside, which activate when someone gets near them.

In case you are rarely at your house, you can put exterior lights as well as other lights in your new home on electronic timers. Doing so will give outsiders the impression that you're around, which can help to protect your house.


As a professional moving company in El Paso, A-1 Freeman Moving Group not just wants your belongings to arrive to your new home without any incident, but in addition, we would like you and your family members to be safe and sound in your new home. Protecting your new house and assuring the safety of your things along with family members is a personal responsibility. Securing your new home night and day is crucial in order to enjoy peace of mind.


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