Hidden and Sometimes Forgotten Costs of Moving

Cost of MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

There’s good news and bad news in relation to moving. We are confident that it does not be an enormous surprise that the not so great is that moving is not only hectic, but it may also be expensive, also. On the other hand, the good news is that it's possible to avoid paying more than you need to by anticipating and planning for a couple hidden moving expenses which crop up all of the sudden and hit your pocket book. The important thing is doing your research and being well prepared.

Read the Fine Print

When you are getting estimates from moving companies in El Paso, be certain and read the particulars. You need a good comprehension of what is included in each quote so that you can be certain that you're weighing apples-to-apples. In case there's something which you don’t understand, do not be reluctant to ask questions. If you think that something is missing from the quote, it’s better to bring that to the moving company’s awareness presently than be surprised in the future with an additional fee.

· If you have got substantial or heavy items that might require special handling, like a snowmobile, jacuzzi or grand piano, you’ll want to bring that to the professional mover’s awareness so that any additional charges can be a part of your estimate.

· Likewise, keep in mind various items, such as gas appliances and front-loading washers, may require a third-party service to disconnect the item at your origin location and ready it for shipping and connect it back up at your new home.

· If there exists restricted clearance on your street which makes the moving truck too large to fit, the moving company in El Paso may have to shuttle your belongings to the moving van utilizing a smaller truck. There is typically an extra cost for this service, so it is vital that you talk about it when you are obtaining your quotes.

· You will likely have a great deal of cartons to handle after unpacking, so verify to ascertain if an empty box pick up is incorporated in the quote or if it is an additional expense.

Road Tripping to the New Residence

If you are moving a distance that requires a long drive to get to your new residence, you will need to factor in travel expenses. Make sure to not merely budget for a hotel room, but in addition factor in such things as meals, tolls, fuel and emergencies which could turn up while you are on the road.

Damage Control

You see that sizeable dent that you put in the wall when moving your kitchen table and also the scratches you've made on the hardwood floor when you scooted the entertainment center across it? Well, the incoming family or property manager will conduct a final walkthrough and might demand payment for those damages to cover the expense of the repairs. In case you happen to be a renter, this will probably be in the form of failing to get your security deposit back.

Change of Plans

Occasionally life happens and the best crafted plans falter. In the event that the paperwork for the closing of your new home gets delayed or the remodeling that you had scheduled to finish prior to move in day go off track, you will want storage for your things. Tell your moving company in El Paso at the earliest opportunity about the delay and discuss solutions with them. In case the delivery only has to be pushed out a day or two, your stuff might be able to be stored on the trailer they are currently packed on. However, if it could be a lengthy time frame before you will be able to accept delivery, your belongings will probably have to go into storage at a nearby warehouse. Remember that the longer your items are in storage, the greater the added charge will be.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, relocating to a new residence might be a challenge. Certainly, unplanned expenses surface. But, if you do your research ahead of time and budget accordingly, you will be a step ahead when something unforeseen happens.


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