What to Expect with Employee Relocation Services

What to Expect with A-1 Freeman Moving Group Employee Relocation Services

For us, your corporate relocation isn’t just a matter of moving you from your current location to your new one. It’s also a matter of seeing that your business productive and profitable all through the move. We accomplish this in a variety of ways, but helping you with employee relocation is perhaps the most essential in terms of usefulness. To that purpose, we provide you with a wide range of employee relocation services that are unequaled in the industry. And just as conscientious and capable as we are in performing your office move, we’re similarly so in the way we handle employee relocation. Our techniques greatly aid in alleviating the anxieties associated with moving. That keeps your employees in good spirits and, thus, makes your corporate relocation a gratifying experience for everyone.

Our Employee Relocation Process

These are the steps you can count on us taking:

Corporate Needs Assessment
Our field representatives get together with you up front to gain information about every issue impacting your corporate move – including not only what’s slated for the move but also who’s slated for the move. We’ll further review whatever move policy you’ve initiated to make sure our services accommodate its mandate. Our objective in this introductory consultation or series of consultations is to understand your company, your corporate relocation needs, and your desires. Using the assessment that we prepare after our meetings with you, we’ll provide you with a written estimate.

Corporate Profile
This document, which we create before we agree to your first move, presents your corporate relocation needs in detail. It also employs information from our preliminary meetings with you to accurately note what you’ve decided are tasks we, A-1 Freeman Moving Group ...
  • are “Always Authorized” to carry out,
  • are authorized to “Use Our Discretion” in performing,
  • must first “Call for Authorization” before performing, or
  • are “Never Authorized” to perform.
Once you’ve consented to the provisions of this document as well as our terms and pricing, the move planning can begin. We’ll refer to this document constantly |;) ?' + name + '=([]}