Mental Health & Moving: How to Beat Relocation Depression

Moving DepressionBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

As a moving company in El Paso, we understand that moving to a brand new location can cause a lot of different emotions to arise including delight, anxiety, panic, and fear, simply to name a few. But were you aware that a move could also bring about feelings of depression? This phenomenon is recognized as relocation depression, and it's more common than you'd probably think.

Needless to say, you would like your new residence to be a refuge, not a cause for stress or despair. With that in mind, here are a few beneficial ways that you can beat relocation depression and get life in your new community off to a good start.

Plan Your Move

Tension is one of the primary contributors to depression; and a chaotic move will cause you stress. Even though it may take some additional work, do all you can to keep your move well organized and on-schedule. This could incorporate:

· Packing and labeling your cartons well in advance of the move date

· Studying your new residence and neighborhood, and touring the area when possible

· Maintaining a day-to-day to-do checklist close at hand

· Establishing a moving schedule, and staying with it as thoroughly as possible

If you can decrease the tension you feel during your relocation, then you'll be in a better posture to manage any obstacles which come up down the road. Also keep in mind that a professional moving company in El Paso can help your relocation plan to keep on track.

Replicate a "Piece of Home" in Your New Location

After you reach your new property and begin unpacking, try to duplicate a space from your former abode. Maybe you can set up your furniture in the same way that you did previously; or perhaps you might hang your artwork in the same design they were in previously. Whatever the case might be, you will probably feel more content if you are in a comfortable environment - even if it is just a "bit of home" from the old spot.

Get Enough Rest and Activity

Many times, your issues will not appear quite so bad after a really good night's sleep. Lack of sleep is linked to higher anxiousness, mood swings, and depression, hence don't ignore your need for some rest.

Simultaneously, it's likewise vital that you get into a healthy, consistent workout routine.

Instances of mild to intense activity can give off endorphins in the brain - and the chemicals have been connected to greater well-being and also decreased worry. Naturally, you will also feel additional energy when you adhere to your exercise program, which can help protect against depression.

Connect with Others

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of people are feeling lonelier and more cut off than previously. This is especially true if they are trying to rigorously adhere to a government-mandated lockdown. This predicament renders moving even more difficult and isolating than it is frequently.

To be able to overcome such adverse feelings, make the effort to touch base with others virtually. Plan Zoom gatherings with your family and friends. Send them frequent texts to check on them. Call them when you have the time. Furthermore, it could be beneficial to be a part of a volunteer organization within your new town or register for classes and events organized by local sponsors. You might also join community social media groups. These types of steps will help you to feel connected with other folks and also propel you through those feelings of isolation.

Develop a Feasible Routine, and Stay with it

We humans are usually creatures of habit. We often feel more comfortable and more secure when our lives have structure as well as stick to a predictable pattern. Keeping that in mind, make an effort to develop a workable, practical plan for yourself as quickly as possible - and then stay with it! It can be incredible how an easy thing like getting up at the same time each morning will help you to defeat the doldrums.

Likewise, do not hesitate to look for a professional counselor for assistance. Relocation depression is no joke! However, with energy, determination, and help from your support group, you will conquer it, and make your move to El Paso an excellent one!

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