Social Media and Moving to El Paso

Social Media and MovingWay back before the online world, you were (metaphorically) flying blind when moving in another city. You could possibly write or get in touch with the nearby Chamber of Commerce for information, or hunt through your alumni magazine to uncover a few associates there, but generally you discovered the best pediatrician, gym, and dry cleaners as a result of trial and error and perhaps a few wrinkled dress shirts.

Thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook, Nextdoor, and Pinterest, you can get the lay of the new land from the comfort of your couch before you even start to think about booking your long-distance household move. Facebook offers the most comprehensive choice of groups and pages, yet Instagram will send you down a more off-the-beaten route for everything from contractors and interior decorators to places to eat, shops, as well as watering holes. Keep reading to obtain a high-level overview of each social platform and ways in which they could help when moving to El Paso.


Facebook is the Sears Holiday catalog for the 2000s--it's got something for all of us, but to newcomers who have just moved to town it's a valuable collection of information, with real time and real-life testimonials. The appropriate groups and pages names vary throughout the country however seek out these sorts of names.

· Moms in Charge (MIC)

MIC started being a marketplace option to online resources similar to Craigslist in 2015 but has transformed into the go-to gurus--half dance school referrals, a part flea market, a portion counseling session--this community contains affiliates all over the country. It is a closed organization, and so you need an invitation, or ask to participate and the local page administrator adds you following a fast--commonly algorithmic--peek at your personal page, to make sure you're a real person. There are many other local moms' Facebook communities, as well, that you're sure to discover with just a brief search.

· Local City/Town Page

Nearly every town and crossroads these days boasts a Facebook profile--it's typically operated by the economic improvement or parks and recreation division. It is a open public page and goes over anything from the fire division's managed burns to free dip day at the neighborhood ice cream shop. Town pages usually connect over to the town's site, which includes more comprehensive details on local happenings.


Nextdoor is an app for your smartphone which takes the local social media goings-on to a earnestly community level--building, street, subdivision, or small town. You will need to confirm you reside the place you say you do in order to connect--they usually send a code to your address--therefore a specific group's membership can be tightly managed. You'll quickly gather more information than you may want to know concerning your new neighbors, and of course, who is not picking up their pup's poop is known to be a popular concern.


At first glance, Pinterest might appear to be the outsider here--it is simply photos of food items and people's homes. In case you are into architecture and you have moved to El Paso, for example, look up "architectural columns El Paso" and you will find historical houses, nearby designers, and anything remotely related to that search. The identical thing goes for places to eat, stores, gyms, as well as other sellers--retailers fundamentally advertise on the site, but it opens more than the conventional mall-and-chain store buying expertise for newcomers.


Indeed, that very same LinkedIn that probably got you the new position in the new place is really a great tool for finding volunteer options--the section of the site is LinkedIn For Good and can connect you with the charitable groups in town. There's nothing like working with a cause you really believe in to enable you to feel like a part of your new area.

The nice thing about employing social media to become acclimated after moving to El Paso is that you can do it at your leisure from your sofa, as opposed to calling during the course of business hours and crossing your fingers for the best.


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