The Top Museums and Attractions to Visit in El Paso

Have you just recently moved to El Paso? Is your insight of the city pretty narrow? Well, don’t worry about that anymore! El Paso, TX has a whole host of museums and other attractions where you can dig into our history, culture, and a whole bunch of other fun details that make our city a fantastic place to live. Here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we’ve been helping people move to and around El Paso for quite a while now, and this has helped us become very savvy with some of the coolest and most interesting exhibits.

After you get yourself settled in your new day-to-day, you have to take some time to check out the following museums and exhibits:

  • El Paso Museum of History – If you’re brand new to the El Paso area, then this is the perfect place to spend a few hours. You’ll be able to pick up on all of the events that helped shape the current foundation of our city. You’ll discover the story of Pancho Villa, the Mexican Revolution, and a lot more.
  • UTEP Centennial Museum – Do you want to see what the local flora looks like around El Paso? The Chihuahuan Gardens are the perfect place to see all these plants in their natural state without having to go out into the desert yourself.
  • El Paso Museum of Archaeology – Want to go waaaay back in time? The El Paso Museum of Archaeology has 14,000 years of history on display. Featuring objects from the El Paso region, you’ll learn a lot about the original inhabitants of the area and gain a new-found respect for the trials and difficulties they went through throughout the centuries.

After spending a few hours touring these places, you’ll have a much deeper appreciation for El Paso. You’ll be a lot more acclimated to the city, and you’ll have a better connection to the rich history that has created our wonderful home.

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