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September 06, 2018

9 Moving Errors to Stay Away From During Your Impending Move to El Paso

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman 

Moving - Moving BoxesArranging a residential move to El Paso is often a frantic time of packing, scheduling details, cost management, and getting ready to move your entire life from one place to another. During this time period, it is all too easy to make a severe mistake. As professional movers, we've seen more than a few moves go considerably less well compared to what they could have and so we offer a bit of professional advice. Here are nine of the major problems individuals make when moving and how to prevent them:

1) Packing Hefty Belongings in Large Boxes

Undoubtedly a common mistake to make is becoming overzealous as you are packing. It can be gratifying you might say to see your items quickly packed into huge cartons. However, box size makes a difference and there is a good reason that normal moving boxes come in numerous sizes. Sizeable cartons might be difficult to move and therefore are best loaded with lightweight things like bedsheets and bath towels. Small, frequently more durable constructed boxes are superior for hefty things to ensure very few weighty items need to be lifted in the same box.

2) Forgetting Box Labels

Packing rapidly could be effective, but forgetting your labels usually means decreasing that productivity in your new home. For residential moving particularly, be sure to label each carton with its contents as well as the room it is supposed to be in. This makes it much easier to locate exactly what you need on arrival in El Paso.

3) Failing to Get Specifications for the New Doors

Just about everyone forgets that not every doorways are the same. If you have substantial home furniture to move, from kitchen tables to exercise machines, you will need to are sure that they will fit through the doorway, as well as any intermediate inside doorways, of the new house. Take measurements yourself or check with a contact at the new residence to send you measurements. This enables you to decide what will need to be disassembled.

4) Expecting Movers to manage Dangerous Materials

Professional movers can't and shouldn't manage specific items because of their high-risk level. Including combustible and corrosive products such as isopropyl, cleaning products, and old automobile batteries among a number of other possible examples. They also do not haul anything living such as houseplants and pets so make sure to make alternate plans for these items. Otherwise, you and your movers may possibly end up in breach of the law.

5) Booking Movers in the Eleventh Hour

Do not presume simply because you just have to have a moving service every several years that possibly they are not sought after. People are moving to El Paso all the time and to receive the exact service you desire when you want to be moving, it is critical to book your move far ahead of time. Notably if you need to move in the busy months of early Summertime, when families can safely move children among school districts.

6) Choosing Movers in El Paso Without Research

The movers you choose will make a major difference in the moving experience. Some are experts in local residential moves in El Paso while some may offer a full-service move across the country or maybe even around the world. Research and opt for movers that supply you the professional services you care about most.

7) Losing Your Moving Paperwork

Keeping track of written documents during a move is one of the greatest difficulties, even when you pack very carefully. A very important document during this period will be your commitment with the movers. Thankfully, modern developments almost ensure that your movers' contract is going to be sent to you and also stored electronically so you don't have to keep track of a single document.

8) Not Managing Your Utilities in Both Homes

If you don't want unnecessary bills in your name from the old property or to find yourself without electrical power or water in the new house, ensure that you handle your utilities. It can be simple to forget about in the commotion of moving but it's one of the more critical final responsibilities you should take.

9) Forgetting to Change Your Address Officially

Last but not least, be sure to change your official address. This should be done both via the post office and with all services you're signed up with that call for this home address. Keeping in mind this update significantly reduces the chance of misdirected mail, particularly if you also invest time to set up temporary mail forwarding from your old address to the new one in El Paso.

The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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