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April 13, 2023

Furniture Moving 101

Getting Ready for a MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Preparing to move is a huge undertaking, but one a lot of us can tackle. It's not impossible to organize your stuff into concisely labeled cartons or even to stack those cartons neatly in an out of the way room. You should be able to manage the dolly and also the truck ramp, but what about your bulky household furnishings...what do you do? Many pieces barely even fit through the door, how are you supposed to load them into the moving van?

The first thing is to not panic. That super large couch got into your family room somehow, so chances are there's a secret to getting it through the door now. Your giant dresser may be awkward, but there are steps you can take to get any furniture in your residence packed and secured in the moving truck. As a professional moving company in El Paso, we've handled the big furniture for more than a few families. Let us provide a few thoughts on how professional movers in El Paso utilize disassembly as well as work together to load household furnishings safely into the moving truck - and then right back out again!

1) Remove Feet from Large Furniture

Have a couch or even armchair which won't squeeze through the doorway? Take off the feet! This not only removes a serious scraping hazard, but it also removes precious inches from large furniture. Lots of furniture feet are screw-in, so you’ll be able to easily put them right back on when you arrive at your new residence.

2) Take Apart What You Can

Furniture that is too big for the doorway is typically assembled. Not simply that, but it’s also meant to be taken apart when it’s time to move or redecorate. Look for ways to take apart the bigger pieces of your furniture or take off pieces which extend off the body of the furniture. Couch sectionals most always are in sections (hence, the name). Vanities as well as dressers commonly can have the mirror taken down and wrapped for safe transit. Kitchen tables may have removable legs as well as workout equipment usually breaks back down into poles and weights.

You might tackle furniture disassembly on your own or work with a professional moving company in El Paso who will provide expert-level furniture disassembly as well as reassembly once you get to the new house.

3) Keep All Hardware Bagged and Labeled

Never lose your furniture small parts and hardware! Label a Ziploc bag for each piece of furniture and keep all the hardware inside. Then tape the bag to the furniture or keep all (labeled!) hardware bags in the same easy-access box. This makes sure you can put your household furnishings back together the right way when it's time to reassemble in the new house.

4) Always Work with 2+ People

Never move heavy pieces of furniture on your own. Always have a team of two or more folks to gently haul as well as maneuver heavy household furniture, particularly around doorways, corners, as well as narrow hallways. Do not put yourself, your things, or the residence in danger by attempting to move heavy pieces of furniture by yourself.

5) Use the Correct Furniture Moving Equipment

Don't neglect your moving equipment. Pieces of furniture are, heavy enough to injure someone or even really scrape a wall unless everybody uses great care. Using dollies as well as hand-trucks can be essential to moving large, heavy, and also bulky furniture.

6) Wrap Furniture in Blankets for Safety

There’s two very decent rationales to use moving blankets (or your own stock of spare blankets) to wrap furniture on the move. Moving blankets safeguard your things from being scratched or scuffed in the process of moving. Blankets also help reduce the chance of scrapes or scuffs to the house as awkward furniture is moved through doorways, corners, as well as hallways.

Ready to move the bulky pieces of furniture in your household from one residence to another? If you don't have the energy or the team, a professional mover in El Paso will help you take care of furniture disassembly, wrapping and transport, and also reassembly when you arrive. Call us today to talk about your move!


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