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July 12, 2023

Items Your Professional Movers Can't Move

Getting Ready to MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Congratulations, you're the intelligent one who arranged your moving company in El Paso in plenty of time, walked through your house along with a moving company representative to ascertain how many moving trucks and workers you will need, and successfully packed and tagged your cartons.

Now, did you read the terms and conditions on the written agreement? If you did not review the full thing, and most folks don't get past the date ranges and numbers before their eyeballs glaze over, find it, take a seat, and look at it right now. Pour an additional cup of coffee if you wish to, but when you reach the part about what the movers in El Paso cannot place on the moving truck, likelihood is really good that contract will certainly have your complete interest.

What You Can't Transport

Which of these is Unacceptable on a moving van? Are any one of these unlawful for the team to load and transfer, or is it simply company policy? The answer is a quite uncomplicated, this will depend.

· Yucca Plant

· Mower

· Fireworks

· Money

The only thing in the above list that may go on the moving truck will be the lawn mower--if the gas and oil reservoirs are already emptied. Houseplants generally cannot cross state lines--this is a legal issue--and moving companies in El Paso would not like any bugs residing in leaves or the soil jumping ship on the moving truck itself.

Fireworks are not allowed.

Moving companies won't be in charge of valuables on the moving truck. Your homeowner’s insurance policy could handle any material mishaps, but in all likelihood is not going to replace misplaced cash. Take it to the bank and retrieve it once you are settled or carry it along with you.

What's Unlawful to Transport

So, the list of the things you can't pack and load isn't such a bore, in fact. These are a few other items that movers are not going to load, along with the explanations why not.

· Anything that is flammable, corrosive, explosive or combustible and may in principle place the lives of the crew and the equipment at risk, is illegal. So, a garden tractor with an empty gas/oil reservoir is fine, however an aerosol can of disinfectant will not be.

· Plants--certain states have regulations about what indoor plants might cross over the state line. Bugs and also pests which aren't a problem in a few states are enormous problems in others, thus leave your indoor plants for the neighbors or give them to your friends. If you are bringing the planting containers, thoroughly clean them with bleach before you load them.

· Alcohol--rules fluctuate between states. Be safe and have a clear the bar get together before you move.

· Gasoline

What Most Company Policies Forbid

Just about every professional mover in El Paso has its own list of banned things, but these tend to be the common things you can expect to leave behind or carry yourself.

Chemical substances are defined by their potential to have interaction with other matter and alter the form and substance of that matter. In layman's terms, this implies that when you set weed killer and wood stains on the moving van together and they accidentally connect under stress or high temperature, seriously awful things can take place. And in case you're thinking that a few bottles of nail polish and remover and a chemistry set won't pack enough of a wallop to make any difference, you would be wrong. So Never pack the following.

· Household Cleaners

· Paint and Paint Remover--this includes fingernail polish

· Pool chemicals

· Pesticides, Weed Killers, along with Fertilizers

· Aerosol Containers

· Perishable Food products

· Fireworks

Don’t forget that grocery delivery is a marvellous thing--buy via the internet and have your cleaning products, paper products, and foodstuffs sent soon after you have gotten to your new house.

When you have any questions about some things, check with your moving company in El Paso before moving day, specifically if you want to make other plans for transport or charitable contributions.


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