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October 28, 2023

Moving Company Suggestions to Prevent Injuries While Moving

Packing for a MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving day can be difficult for everybody, and also extremely stressful if it’s not planned right. Injuries sometimes occur over DIY moving jobs, and usually if people are rushing to get the move completed quickly. Injuries also sometimes happen if people move big appliances or heavy furniture that should be moved by more than one person. Make your moving day less hectic by working with a local moving company in El Paso, with professional movers will help. By thinking ahead, packing early, and using these five helpful hints, you should avoid unwanted injuries on moving day.

  • PHYSICALLY MAKE YOURSELF READY: No, you don't need to do push-ups or run laps around the block. This tip encourages you to employ professional movers in El Paso. Hiring a moving company means that you will have extra help from professionals, who know about organizing, lifting, as well as time management. Professional movers in El Paso should carefully pack your house, disassemble furniture, and securely wrap your most fragile belongings. Having local professional movers in El Paso around on your moving day is a great way to avoid injuries. They should lift all the weighty things, leaving the easier possessions and also simple clean-up to you.
  • GET THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT: Using the correct moving equipment can be one of the best methods to not encounter injuries while moving. When talking to the moving company in El Paso, be certain that they will be bringing equipment which will make the move easier, such as an appliance dolly. Not only can this assist the moving crew, but the equipment can also save you time, as things can be moved at a quicker clip.

  • DO NOT OVERPACK BOXES: Filling every ounce of your cartons might seem like a good idea, however making them too heavy makes them more difficult to pick up, and also puts a strain on the legs, arms, and also back. An injury will be hard to avoid if you lift more weight than you should handle. Also, it makes the task more difficult for everybody who is helping you to complete the job. Pack boxes correctly, being sure the weight is evenly distributed, so that your professional movers in El Paso can work quickly and efficiently on moving day.
  • LIFT WITH YOUR LEGS: This is a Moving 101 tip from any professional mover or moving company. 'Lift with your legs, not with your back' is a common lifting technique and is a great way to sidestep injury to your neck and spine. Sustain a wide base of support, by placing your feet shoulder-width apart and flat on the ground. Next, bend down into a squat so you are mostly making use of your legs when you move upward. Lastly, keep your back straight, and don’t forget to breathe while you lift the thing.
  • KEEP ALL PATHWAYS AND ALSO WALKWAYS CLEAR: Although this may sound like something elementary, lots of people get injured when tripping over smaller belongings on moving day. Steer clear of a stubbed toe or chipped tooth resulting from an avoidable fall by making all paths free from stuff. When moving bulky items, it can be difficult to see anything that is in your way. Steer clear of any accidents by preplanning what is the easiest path while moving your belongings. By putting safety first, you can reduce your chances that you will be injured.

Employing a local or long-distance moving company in El Paso with professional movers is a safe bet to save time as well as circumvent injuries on moving day. Call us right away for a free quote.

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