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March 13, 2023

Often Overlooked Costs of Moving

Paying for your MoveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

There’s good news and bad news when it comes to moving. We’re sure that it doesn’t come as a huge shock that the bad news is that moving usually is not just hectic, but it can also be costly, too. On the flip side, the good news is that it is a possibility to sidestep paying more than you should by anticipating and budgeting for a few unexpected moving costs that come up without notice and hit your wallet. The important thing is doing some research as well as being prepared.

Read the Fine Print

When you are getting estimates from moving companies in El Paso, make sure and review the fine print. You need to have a good understanding of what is incorporated in the quotes so that you can be sure you are comparing similar services. In the event there might be something that you do not understand, never be afraid to ask questions. If you find something has been left off from the estimate, it’s better to bring that to the moving company’s attention now than be surprised later by an additional charge.

· If you have big or bulky things which could need specific handling, like a four-wheeler, hot tub or baby grand piano, you will want to bring that to the professional mover’s attention so that all additional charges can be included in the quote.

· Likewise, be aware that some items, such as gas appliances and front-loading washing machines, may require a third-party company to unhook the item at your current residence and prepare it for transit and then hook it back up at your new residence.

· When there is tight clearance on your street that makes the moving van too large to fit, the moving company in El Paso could need to shuttle your belongings to the moving truck using a smaller truck. There’s generally an additional charge for this service, so it’s important to discuss it when you are getting your quotes.

· You will have lots of boxes to deal with after unpacking, so double check if an empty box pick up is entered in your estimate or if that would be an additional charge.

Road Tripping to the New Residence

When you are moving a distance which requires a road trip to get to your new residence, you’ll need to remember to take into consideration travel expenses. Make certain to not only account for a hotel room, but additionally factor in costs like food, tolls, gas, and also emergencies that could come up while you’re in transit.

Change of Plans

Occasionally life happens and your best made plans crumble. Should the paperwork for the closing of your new residence becomes delayed or the construction which you had planned to be completed ahead of move in day go off track, you could need storage for your things. Inform your moving company in El Paso ASAP regarding the setback and discuss options with them. Should the delivery simply needs to be delayed a day or two, your belongings could be able to be held on the trailer they are loaded on. But, when it’ll be several weeks or even months before you will be ready to have your belongings delivered, your belongings will likely need to go into storage at a closeby warehouse. Keep in mind that the longer your items are in storage, the more the extra expense will be.

The Bottom Line

Yes, moving to a new residence may be challenging. Yes, surprising costs come up. But, when you do your research beforehand and budget properly, you should be a step ahead when something unplanned happens.


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