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November 21, 2018

Relocation Depression is a Real Thing

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Serious dialogue here. Moving to El Paso to a new home is stressful in the greatest circumstances. You will be exiting your house--where you have made a life for yourself along with your loved ones--and starting once more in a foreign area. Sure, the move alone is intriguing--an adrenaline rush which goes on for weeks or months as you find a new home, load up the old one, and become settled with your loved ones into their new daily routines. 
However after the boxes are unpacked and you've determined the best route to the dry cleaners, the new truth sets in--you're in a new area, and your good friends and social life are back in your previous location--the spot you continue to consider as "home". And everything seems awry--there is a feeling of being out of place, and you are unsure whether it's a physical or emotional place, but it is simply not right. It's not home.

These kind of symptoms may be beyond the post-move doldrums. It's possible that you have something referred to as "relocation depression". Relocation depression is a real thing--the beginning is after pretty much all the commotion of the move disperses--and should be considered seriously and diagnosed in the event that you cannot get rid of it on your own.  

Signs to Look out for

These are some of the indicators to look for, the appearance of several of these in a couple of week time signifies you need to receive some professional help. 

You Can't Get Out of Bed 

And when you do, you are lethargic and truly don't have the strength to get through your day. Sleep loss is another symptom of depression; you are exhausted constantly, nevertheless you are unable to get to sleep. Or it is possible to sleep--12 hours at a stretch and you are still worn out. 

Lack of Interest in Anything 

In your old house or community, you had your normal routine along with your stuff--work, friends, interests--that loaded your weeks. Currently, you have got your job, but your good friends couldn't come along with you and it's tough to get excited about your interests if, much like a third-grader, you don't have anybody to play with. Adults needs pals too, so don't feel bad or remorseful that you're a bit lonely. 

In the event you cannot get enthusiastic about anything--activities, your job, making new friends, getting together with family--chances are it is a symptom of depression. Combined with the blahs comes being unable to concentrate--if something might capture your attention, it wouldn't last but a few minutes and you would zone out. 

Reluctance to Depart from the House 

The new home is your safe place, and you just don't wish to get away from it. Let's be honest, you have got television shows for binging, and your social network to check. Social media is a double-edged sword as it enables you to stay informed about acquaintances, but it can also facilitate and abet in your keeping in rather than finding new friends.  

Tips on How to Beat Relocation Depression

There are some things that can be done to lift the fog, so try these and see if you feel better. 

Get Some Exercise--Active folks feel healthier, so get out and just walk around the block two or three times a day. For those who have a dog it's a built-in excuse to get out. Build on that outside time every day. 

Decrease or Eliminate Alcohol--This is a depressant, so it's advisable to refrain from it until you are feeling better. 

Talk with People--Take a program or join a newcomers group. Volunteer--extra hands and skills are always welcome. Just a couple new associates produces a huge difference. 

Consider Something New--Go to museums, coffee houses, cinema, restaurants--explore your new area and get to know it. Keeping occupied is much like exercise--it keeps the adrenaline moving along and you'll have additional energy. 

In the event that these home cures do not help, look for a counselor. Relocation depression isn't a scam, and left untreated, will spiral into something worse. You understand yourself better than anyone, and in case things are not quite right, pay attention to your body and mind. Moving to El Paso is one of life's most nerve-racking events, nevertheless it does not have to become a reason for despair or depression.


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The Mickelson Family
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