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Should I Hire a Moving Company?

 Should I Hire a Moving Company to Move Cross Country?

Cross-Country Moving: DIY vs. Hiring Pros

Moving is rarely a smooth, stress-free happening, even if it is just a few miles. When it's across the country, the challenges grow. It is likely that such a move is already filled with anxiety. Maybe it's the hubbub of a new career, business or educational opportunity. Perhaps you are anxious about being away from the family, or maybe you are making the move to be closer to an aging parent in their sunset years.

That is already a lot to manage. Add a long-distance move on top of that and the stress can really accumulate. At its most basic form, moving encompasses the complete sorting, packing, loading, transport, unloading and unpacking of all one's belongings. A Do-it-Yourself cross-country move will include all that, plus maybe significant downsizing of one's possessions. Is there room for your perfectly broken-in sofa or grandma's heirloom buffet? You might have to sell or donate a lot of possessions - and then go shopping to replace them all when you unpack at your destination.

You'll have the burden of arranging the rental of a moving van and getting it at the proper time – with luck everything is as promised! The work of loading the rental truck will be yours - including careful packing of breakables, securing all cargo while also protecting it from shifting in transit, and making certain that the entire load will travel well. Kids, pets, and additional vehicles must have management, also. Transit to your new abode could require some days to complete.

Arrange your course and stops to accommodate your rental truck, make sure it's safe each night and do not count on using a fast food drive-thru! When you do arrive, if all has gone without a hitch, you can spend the day getting everything unloaded from the truck. Hopefully your boxing and loading job was accurately done, and your belongings are in acceptable shape. When you are all done, rest your back and take back the rental truck while you get to know the idiosyncrasies of traffic in your new area!

Compare this with hiring a professional moving company. You schedule the movers. They provide materials and can even help in boxing things up. On moving day, all you need to be concerned about are the belongings you will take yourself - a suitcase of clothes, toiletries, devices. Focus on what your children and pets will require at the time, and take your time helping them adjust to the move.

An experienced professional moving company knows how to load the truck the right way. Grandma's dining room table will be in safe hands. If something does get marred, the moving company will be responsible for it. You will be free to plan your move with a great deal of flexibility. Driving a family car or two? Feel free to use the drive-thru! Enjoy back roads and know that national parks, historic sites, and points of interest will all be able to accommodate your car, truck or SUV. Spend time along the way with kin or at quaint B&Bs without worrying about parking or large truck turn-arounds.

Your professional moving crew will arrive and unload your belongings for you. You can give attention to making sure the setup of your new home is on track; setting up utilities, change of address, enrolling your children in school, mapping the best route to work. If there was an unforeseen delay with your housing at the last-minute - paperwork delays in closing on your new house or the rental property wasn't properly prepared on time - your movers can divert your belongings to a safe and secure storage facility, leaving you free to attend to the issue. Imagine the hassle of that, on top of having to return the rental truck on time while you explore storage options!

Moving on your own in El Paso can without a doubt cost less than hiring it done, but what it costs in terms of time, hassle, inconvenience, stress, liability for damage, and plain old physical exhaustion is certainly not worth it.

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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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