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May 01, 2023

What Your Professional Movers in El Paso Want You to Know

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

If you're moving and work with a professional moving company in El Paso to assist, there are certain things that can be done and other things that you shouldn't accomplish to help speed up the task. A seamless move comes from everyone cooperating, and that means that you must know when you ought to lend a hand and when you should get out of the way.

Below are items which your moving company in El Paso would really like for you to know.

1) Notify the Movers of Awkward Objects

This tip ought to be discussed when you are getting your moving quote, and it is very significant, therefore it’s worth mentioning. When you have heavy objects, for instance a keyboard, refrigerator, or perhaps hot tub, that must be moved, make certain and communicate that to the moving company in El Paso. Some items make require extra arrangements, equipment or even men to safely move, so it is never a wise decision to “surprise” your professional mover in El Paso with unplanned things.

2) Start Preparing for the Movers Arrival

Do you live inside a private community or even an apartment building with an elevator? Can the moving truck conveniently obtain access to your residence? Take a minute in advance of moving day to contemplate the specifics of the spot that the moving van could park and what the route to and from the truck resembles. If you have to get a parking or elevator permit from your building management, make sure and make it happen well in advance.

3) Finish Packing Ahead of Moving Day

If you decide to do your own packing, be sure that it will be finished before moving day. That means that all the cartons are taped up and correctly labeled. To make things go even faster, neatly place all your packed boxes in a centralized area at your residence, for instance the garage or even the great room so that your moving company team can simply load them directly onto the moving van. Expert tip: Don't use masking tape for your boxes. Use packaging tape instead.

4) Do not Put Heavy Items in Large Boxes

There are suggestions for what to place in which size boxes for a reason. Items which are weighty, including books, need to go in small cartons. Things that happen to be comparatively lightweight, including pillows and blankets, may go in larger cartons.

5) Prepare to be Present on Moving Day

You or someone that you know and have faith in should be available for the complete moving day in case your movers have questions regarding the things they should and shouldn’t be moving. Plus, a trustworthy grownup must be present to sign all the mover’s documents.

6) Let the Movers Get the Job Done

You may think that you will be helping as you assist to move the refrigerator, but it’s often preferable to remain out of the way. You can direct the movers to the proper rooms and also respond to questions, however over and above that, let the professional movers in El Paso do the heavy lifting to ensure that things will go as smoothly as possible.

In the event a move is in your future, A-1 Freeman Moving Group in El Paso would like to help. Speak to us now to begin your free in-home or video survey.


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