Relocation Depression is a Real Thing

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Real discussion here. Moving to El Paso to a new home is demanding under the best scenario. You will be departing your home--where you've made a life for yourself along with your loved ones--and starting off once again in a unfamiliar place. Sure, the move itself is intriguing--an adrenaline rush that goes on for months as you find a new residence, pack up the existing one, and become settled with your family into their new routines. 
However after the cartons are unpacked and you've figured out the most effective route to the dry cleaners, the new fact sets in--you are in a new location, and your pals and social life are back in your old area--the spot you still dream of as "home". And everything appears off kilter--there is a sense of being misplaced, and you are uncertain if it's an actual or subconscious place, but it is simply not right. It is not home.

These kind of warning signs can be beyond the post-move doldrums. It's possible that you've got something called "relocation depression". Relocation depression is a real thing--the starting point is after pretty much all the hubbub of the move disperses--and should be given serious attention and diagnosed if you can't get rid of it on your own.  

Signs to Watch For

These are several of the symptoms to look for, the occurrence of several of these in a couple of week period suggests it's time to get some professional help. 

You Simply Can't Get Out of Bed 

And once you do, you're sluggish and really don't have the energy to get through the day. Insomnia can be another sign of depression; you may be drained all the time, but you are unable to go to sleep. Or you are able to sleep--twelve hours at a stretch and you will be still tired. 

Decrease of Interest in Anything 

In your past house or city, you had your routine as well as your stuff--work, friends, pastimes--that loaded your days. Now, you have got work, however your buddies did not come with you and it's difficult to be passionate about your interests if, similar to a third-grader, you do not have anybody to play with. Grownups needs buddies too, so don't feel bad or guilty that you happen to be a little lonesome. 

In case you cannot get focused on anything--pastimes, work, making new pals, interacting with family--chances are it's really a sign of depression. Combined with the blahs comes the inability to think straight--if something may catch your consideration, it would not last but a minute or two and you would zone out. 

Unwillingness to Depart from your House 

The new home is your refuge, and you simply don't want to leave it. Let's be honest, you have got television shows for binging, and your social network to check. Social networking is often a double-edged sword as it allows you to stay informed about buddies, but it can also facilitate and abet in your remaining in rather than finding new friends.  

Tips on How to Fight Relocation Depression

There are certain things that can be done to remove the fog, so try these and pay attention to if you feel better. 

Get Some Exercise--Active folks feel better, so get out and just stroll two or three times a day. In case you have a dog this can be a built-in justification to get outside. Expand that outside time each day. 

Reduce or Eliminate Alcohol--This is a depressant, so it's wise to avoid it until you are feeling better. 

Talk with People--Take a program or join a newcomers group. Volunteer--extra hands and capabilities are frequently welcome. Just a few new associates will make a significant difference. 

Try out Something New--Go to museums, coffee houses, theater, restaurants--explore your new area and get to know it. Staying busy is similar to exercise--it keeps the excitement moving along and you should have far more energy. 

In the event that these solutions don't help, locate a counselor. Relocation depression isn't a joke, and not dealt with, will spiral into something even worse. You understand yourself better than anyone, and in case things are not quite right, pay attention to your body and mind. Moving to El Paso is one of life's most stressful occurrences, but it does not have to be a source of unhappiness or depression.


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