The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Moving

Moving in the summerBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

It's no wonder that summer is the preferred time for moving, since not very many folks desire to brave frigid winter weather or (for anybody with school-age kids) deal with the strain connected with relocating their family members in the middle of a school year.

Obviously, as a result there will be obstacles that you will have to get over to make your move successful. Nevertheless, with some forethought, preparation, as well as a little bit of help from a professional moving company in El Paso, everything's bound to work out in the long run. Here are a few do's and don'ts for moving to El Paso over the summer:


· Plan and book your moving company in El Paso as far ahead of time as possible. Since summer season is peak moving season, you don't want to hold out 'til the last moment to make preparations with your professional movers, since you may realize that your chosen company is already booked up.

· Remain hydrated. Some people are unsuspectingly affected by chronic dehydration, and the summer time high temperature only makes issues worse. To avoid exhaustion, muscle cramps, headache, along with a lot of various other symptoms, make certain that you're taking in adequate fluids. And if you can spare a few water bottles for your professional movers, they'll be gracious for the hydration also, believe us.

· Guard your skin from damaging UV rays. Put on plenty of sun block and/or a wide-brimmed hat to protect your body from the sunburn as well as other problems that come from overexposure to UV rays.

· Commence the move early in the morning. If possible, pack and load the weightier items ahead of when the sun comes out in full force, it'll make you and your moving company personnel much more comfortable during the entire remainder of the loading process.

· Make positive spoilable products are placed in a cool place. Whether it is food items or goods that may expeience deterioration from prolonged exposure to heat, be sure that you have a strategy with regards to keeping perishable things chilled.

· Expect to shell out more. The fact is that, summertime's appeal for moving generally signifies that you're going to end up spending a bit more for the same services than you will during other times of the year.

Don't ...

· Postpone the switch of your utilities. The last thing you want would be to get to your new residence only to discover that it is 90 degrees outside and there's no air conditioning.

· Neglect to take additional precautions with your youngsters and/or house animals. As mentioned before, be sure that your youngsters are using plenty of sunscreen, and are dressed suitably for warmer weather. Keep in mind the dangers related to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and keep your youngsters and household pets well hydrated throughout the moving process.

· Underrate how long the moving process can take. Far before moving day, you should begin the moving process by packing up particular things that you will not need for a time. You should research several moving companies in El Paso, speak to the movers which you favor, and then, if you opt to employ them, do so several weeks ahead of time.

The truth is, summer moving has its particular eccentricities and also complications. Nevertheless, with sufficient preparation as well as the help of professional movers in El Paso, such as the friendly professionals at the A-1 Freeman Moving Group, you'll be able to enjoy a relatively simple and effortless move as you commence a new part in your life. If you'd like to discover more about how we might help, connect with us today.


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